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Search by location, major- any way you like. Use our search tool to find the school that’s right for you. With us, you can focus your search on the categories important to you.


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Compare schools, find information, and discover your admission chances from more than 3000+ schools. All schools that are included in our database is recognized by U.K department of education.



Compare school profiles including statistics and insights that match your strengths and skills best. Save them to your personal dashboard and directly connect with those schools to request more information or apply.

Our system is so easy to use just like 1,2 and 3

Our Process

We help million of parents get a great education for their child.

  1. Quality We provide parents essential information to help improve educational opportunities for their kids. Using trusted Wegostudy rankings and school information, parents can choose the right school for their kids.
  2. Support At, Wegostudy we offer useful data and insights to help parents and communities understand school quality, discover inequities, and push for better schools for all children.
  3. Parenting Information We present actionable, research-based parenting information to help parents engage with and support their child’s academic and social emotional development at every grade and stage.

Wegostudy (About Us)

At Wegostudy we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to meet the technology demands of today’s evolving classroom; from integrating devices to storing data and protecting student information.

Why Wegostudy?

Our information system database allows you to manage data in an intuitive format that ensures data integrity, security, accurate reporting and quick access to information.


  1. We customize the database to manage the information of individual schools that’s needs to track.
  2. We store all information in one centralized database- from basic student records to extended teachers, guardianship information, and more.
  3. We customize the layout of the report and navigate to suit the unique school responsibilities and preferences.

Wegostudy is here to help!

Our integrated data process management system is easy to use, but when you need technical support we are here for you. Whether you choose our phone support, email support or online support portal, you’ll find the help you need quickly. Our
company enjoys
a reputation for the best data base support in the industry with 90% customer support satisfaction rating!

Wegostudy: By Educators, For Educators

We have helped thousands of students help increase their productivity and streamline data management over years. If you are ready to learn more, you can easily request information.

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Paul Cho

提供我最適合的學校,處理速度很快,資訊透明並且跟學校可以直接溝通.進度也都可以自己掌握. 非常容易使用的網站 謝謝您的協助, 我將下個月就要到Birmingham大學開始我的新生活了

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